Welcome to Game Art Courses by CGmascot!

This 7 part course series introduces tools for game art creation and especially how to do game art with them.  Introductions to course are below.  Navigate to courses from intros or the top menu.

Note all content after this intro is password protected – this series is currently only open to people attending the live sessions.

3D Art for Games (using Modo)

3D basics for games in Modo
Features you need to know and know how to use to create game art correctly and efficiently. Go to course material.
3D Game Art Assets
We’ll go over best practices, workflows, tips and tricks and problem solving, and things to speed up your workflow. This builds on the tools learned before and adds more advanced things. Go to course material.
3D Lowpoly
Lowpoly 3D art still has a place in games, mainly on mobile. Session covers lowpoly game art asset creation, what the style is and how to use it, modeling for animation, uv-mapping and texturing. Many techniques, especially the points on style, apply also to other 3D. Go to course material.

Sculpting for Games (Zbrush)

Zbrush Workflow for Game Art
Zbrush is known as sculpting software, but it is also good for game art. This sessions goes over tools and workflows and how to use Zbrush to first make inorganic objects and second a game model from them. Go to course material.
Game Characters in Zbrush
Zbrush excels at character. This session goes over how to approach creating game characters, the sculpts and the game models, in Zbrush. We’ll go over the workflow and things that make a good character design.

Substance Painter for Games

Substance Painter basics
Substance Painter changed texture creation in game development. This session goes over the basics of Substance Painter, how to make it work for you. Link to contents.
Substance Art Pipeline
After the basics it is time to take a 3D model through Substance again and to Unreal. We go over the steps, the need to knows, etc., from start to end. To course.


Hi, I’m Niko alias CGmascot, the guy behind the courses & material.  Want to know more?  Check About-page at CGmascot.

My mission here is to create high quality learning material to support the teaching I do. Also later I may update this material to work as a standalone product.